Following tremendous demand, Franco decided to launch Bounce DanceFit as a group exercise class and then he started offering instructors the opportunity in the UK to become licensed to teach his programme.

Bounce DanceFit is a choreographed Dance fitness class designed to make you fit while you enjoy different styles of street dance including hip-hop, waacking, vogueing, twerking and more. All of this is brought together in a fun environment, emphasising the aerobic aspect for a workout experinece like no other! 

All of the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it ideal for all people who like dance but don’t want to miss out an amazing workout.

Being a professional dancer is not required! Bounce DanceFit is designed for every level of fitness and every type of dancer.

Get your groove on with Bounce DanceFit and let the instructor take you on a journey that fuses a variety of dance techniques.

This 45-minute dance class offers a constant, energetic cardio workout that will get you sweaty in style!

Bounce DanceFit it is growing fast in the UK, among gyms, private schools and dance schools.

Why is it very popular? Because it is fresh, modern, catchy, engaging, challenging and current.