Bounce DanceFit is a high-energy, choreographed dance / fitness class that will change the way you view your workout, designed to get you in shape while enjoying the latest commercial hits from different styles of street dance, including hip-hop, waacking, vogueing, twerking and more.

The dance class lasts 45 minutes and offers an energetic and consistent cardiovascular exercise that will have you sweating in style. Combining everything in a fun environment, emphasizing the aerobic aspect for a training experience like no other, giving you a huge boost of energy that will make you feel amazing at the end of each class.

Bounce DanceFit is the perfect combination of fitness and dance that creates a fun workout environment that will leave you wanting more!

It is not necessary to be a professional dancer to participate in our classes! as all choreographies are designed to be easy and fun to follow, regardless of your experience, age, ability or fitness level. They are ideal for anyone who likes to dance and does not want to miss an incredible workout. Pick up the pace with Bounce DanceFit and let the instructor take you on a journey that fuses a variety of dance techniques.


BADASS is a choreographed fitness class designed to get in shape while enjoying different styles of Street Dance and Combat. It is a class that focuses on all elements of fitness, conditioning, cardiovascular, flexibility, coordination, and balance.
It’s a combat, cardio and conditioning class that will allow you to get in shape in style. Each of the sessions are easy to follow ideal for toning your muscles, burning calories, improving your balance and playing everything to the rhythm of the BADASS tunes. We are taking our love of dance fitness to a whole new level.

Build your ConfidenceBe Fierce Find Your Inner BADASS

The class is inspired by Bounce DanceFit, which looks at different aspects and styles of Street Dance. All of this is taken to a fun level by emphasizing the aerobic aspect for a workout that will tone your muscles like never before. All the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it ideal for all the people who like to dance and don’t want to miss out on an amazing workout. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and type of dancer. Get your groove on with BadAss.
The class lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour and offers a consistent energetic cardio that will keep you sweating in style.


Bounce DanceFit Junior Training is one of the most exciting and new dancefitness programmes out there. Want your children to be engaged, dancing to their favourite songs but also staying active – then this programme is for you! Designed for instructors who can deliver this programme within the community, educational settings or even for special events and birthdays.

Our goal is to provide young children and people with a new fun and effective dance fitness programme which is current, fresh, exciting and addictive. We have witnessed the benefits with our adult Bouncers and seen with our own eyes how powerful Bounce DanceFit can be in terms of feeling successful, inspired, confident and having a sense of achievement. Bounce Junior promotes and encourages children to experience these elements and to believe in themselves and their abilities. In order to provide young people with the best quality class, we need teachers to have a full understanding of techniques and body awareness to maximise the workout and minimise the risk of injury – but most of all ensure it is accessible to young people

Our classes combine elements of:

Bounce DanceFit is growing rapidly in the UK, amongst gyms, private schools and dance schools and following a huge demand, Franco its founder decided to launch Bounce DanceFit as a group exercise class and then started offering instructors the opportunity in the UK to obtain a license to teach their program.

Why is Bounce DanceFit so popular?

Because it’s fresh, trendy, catchy, engaging, challenging, current, fun, effective, and for everyone.