Our goal is to provide people with a new fun and effective fitness program, which is current, fresh, exciting, addictive and refreshing. In order to provide people with the best quality class, we need teachers to have a fully understanding of techniques and body awareness in order to maximise the workout and minimise the risk of injury.

During the training day you will be able to:

– Understand and demonstrate the BadAss steps and styles.
– To be able to construct choreography in the BadAss formula.
– Understand and demonstrate effective cueing skills
– Understand and demonstrate effective leadership and presentation skills
– Understand and demonstrate how to motivate class participants
– Practice street dance techniques/choreography
– Understand and demonstrate observation skills with positive and constructive feedback

Becoming a BadAss teacher is about the right passion and skills to make the ultimate workout enjoyable for everyone.

What will BadAss do to you and you students? to:

– Help you to lose weight
– Boost memory function
– Make you more flexible
– Increase your energy
– Help muscles toning
– Improve coordination
– Reduce stress/depression
– Help you to make friends
– Get you active
– Build confidence

Become a BADASS instructor!