Bounce DanceFit is a unique choreographed dance class that provides each of the students with an experience like no other, so during our training program you will learn everything you need to take into account about this program and the different choreographies and steps that they make it up so you can get certified and teach our classes.

During the training day you will be able to

– Understand and demonstrate the Bounce DanceFit steps and styles

– To be able to construct choreography in the Bounce DanceFit style

– Understand and demonstrate effective cueing skills

– Understand and demonstrate effective leadership and presentation skills

– Understand and demonstrate how to motivate class participants

– Practice street dance techniques/choreography

– Understand and demonstrate observation skills with positive and constructive feedback


What will Bounce Dancefit Training do to you and you students? to:

– Help you to lose weight
– Boost memory function
– Make you more flexible
– Increase your energy
– Help muscles toning
– Improve coordination
– Reduce stress/depression
– Help you to make friends
– Get you active
– Build confidence

Become a Bounce Instructor!