This combat, cardio & conditioning class will have you getting into shape in style.
This easy to follow session will have you toning muscles, burning calories, improving your balance and jamming out all to the beat of BADASS tunes.
We are taking our love for dance fitness to a whole new level.
Build your ConfidenceBe Fierce Find Your Inner BADASS

BADASS is a choreographed fitness class designed to make you fit while you enjoy different style of street Dance and Combat.
This class focuses on all elements of fitness, conditioning, cardiovascu-lar, flexibility, coordination and balance.

This class is inspired by Bounce DanceFit which looks at different aspect and styles of Street Dance. All of this is brought to a fun level emphasising the aerobic aspect of it for a workout out that will get your muscles toned like never before. All of the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it ideal for all people who like dance but don't want to miss out an amazing workout. It is fit for every level of fitness and type of dancer. Get your groove on from with BadAss.
This 45-minute/1 hour fitness class offers a constant energetic cardio workout that will keep you sweating in style.
Why is it very popular? Because it is fresh, modern, catchy, engaging, challenging and current. This class will guarantee you and your students a full body workout.

What will BadAss do to you and you students?

  • Help you to lose weight
  • Boost memory function
    • Make you more flexible
    • Increase your energy
    • Help muscles toning
  • Improve coordination
    • Reduce stress/depression
    • Help you to make friends
    • Get you active
    • Build confidence

BADASS Training

Our goal is to provide people with a new fun and effective fitness program, which is current, fresh, exciting, addictive and refreshing. In order to provide people with the best quality class, we need teachers to have a fully understanding of techniques and body awareness in order to maximise the workout and minimise the risk of injury.

During the training day you will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate the BadAss steps and styles.
  • To be able to construct choreography in the BadAss formula.
  • Understand and demonstrate effective cueing skills
  • Understand and demonstrate effective leadership and presentation skills
  • Understand and demonstrate how to motivate class participants
  • Practice street dance techniques/choreography
  • Understand and demonstrate observation skills with positive and constructive feedback

Becoming a BadAss teacher is about the right passion and skills to make the ultimate workout enjoyable for everyone.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for people with energy, personality, enthusiasm and leaders.

What are the most important features to be a great teacher?

Understanding of Music
Understanding of choreography
Fun spirit


BadAss 1
BadAss 2
BadAss 3