Bounce DanceFit Creator

Bounce. Recently I came across a post that sums up who his creation is all about!

Bounce DanceFit Fitness Program 

“Fitness must not involve strenuous exercises in the gym. There’s more to staying fit other than gyming or dieting. Fitness is all about having fun with your body and staying fit by losing extra calories in a simple way. The best thing about dance is that, it’s suitable for all ages and doesn’t cause muscle pains and joint aches. It strengthens tones and improves both flexibility and posture. Most fans say dancing helps them build stamina and relax especially after a tiresome day.

Bounce Dance Fit is a fitness brand program that was created By Franco Conquista due to high demand in the UK. He identified the gap that existed in the market and decided to launch it as a group exercise class and as the group became popular, he acquired licensed instructors to teach the program. Bounce DanceFit is a choreographed Dance Fitness class whose main objective is to ensure you stay fit while you dance to different street dance styles such as waacking, hip hop, vogue and House. You get to enjoy these in a fun environment in the company of people who make the work out experience captivating.

About the pioneer

Franco Conquista is a professional dance presenter who graduated from one of the best dance schools in Europe, Rambert School and has launched the Bounce DanceFit program in over 20 countries in a span of 18 months only. In addition to that, he won the award for “Best Presenter” in England which proves how committed he is to the fitness program. Recently, he launched a Kids’ version of the fitness program called, “Bounce DanceFit Juniors” which is also doing incredibly well. This year, he has been nominated for the second consecutive time as the Best Presenter of the Year, plus Bounce DanceFit has also been nominated in the Best Brand of the Year category in the “National Community Awards” which are scheduled for November this year.

In England, they refer to him as “The man on Fire” due to the energy he has while on stage and when he’s teaching classes. He’s very passionate and ambitious about the fitness program no wonder he keeps getting nominated. His main aim is to work hard until the whole world starts bouncing to street dance styles and in the process, people stay fit. Now you don’t have an excuse for not losing some extra pounds or maintaining general body fitness when there’s a cool fitness program like Bounce DanceFit. All the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it the ideal workout plan for everyone who loves dancing. Lastly, the 45 min dance class offers a constant energetic cardio workout that gets you sweaty in an amazing way.”

Well done Francesco! Keep filling the world with Bounce!

Ricky Baxter